Aaron Beresin (born December 14, 1988), best known by his stage name That Boy A.B., is an American hip-hop artist from Cherry Hill, NJ. He also is the founder of premier marketing and promotion company, Money Mouth Entertainment, LLC. A.B. is known for his branding through music videos, which are becoming increasingly popular on YouTube.

In early 2013, A.B. formed his own label, Money Mouth Entertainment, and under it released his first EP titled "The Contradiction" in November of 2014. His hit single "Enough" has generated a major buzz and has reached over 100,000 views between social networks and digital streaming. A.B. has continued to connect with fans going through personal issues and relationship issues, giving us his own twist on our generation's relationship struggles.

Recently, A.B. has teamed up with producer Igg Knight to launched his Money Mouth Production's website, where they sell industry-ready beats for artists to purchase for their mixtapes, albums, and distribution networks.

"I got Philly fire in my belly, Chip Kelly on my shoulder til the Eagles win in February."

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