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That Boy A.B. has built a loyal and rising fan-base by creating hit records with emotionally charged lyrical content over perfectly produced new school beats. The independent hip-hop artists from New Jersey can put stories together like few people hip-hop artists are able to do. Whether you are looking for music that can amp you up in the gym or vibe out to on a relaxing night, you can find this rare combination in A.B’s song catalogue.

A.B has found a way to bridge the gap between old school hip-hop and new school rhyme schemes. Heavily influenced by artists like J. Cole, Jay-Z, and Eminem, his intelligence stands out with his ability to combine the art of story telling with memorable wordplay and catchy hooks. He carries himself with a supreme confidence and his stage presence and music videos are as charismatic as they come. He leaves his audience wanting more.

In 2012, A.B. began to release videos on YouTube. His channel now has well over 100,000 organic views. He released his first EP in 2014 titled “The Contradiction” and his hit single “Enough” began to spread over the internet rapidly, accounting for the majority of his views, downloads, and major label offers. The single took him from a locally known artist to an established, nationally recognized brand.  

If you listen to That Boy A.B.’s music, you will quickly learn his life story. His music details everything from his romantic relationships to his struggle with addiction. Listeners quickly become emotionally connected to him as a person and an artist. Very few allow themselves to be vulnerable, and A.B. has built his following off being an open book. He is an artist fans reach out to on a regular basis to let him to know how his music has positively affected their thoughts, lives, and actions. There are few artists as relatable as A.B. allows himself to be.

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