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That Boy A.B. aka Aaron Beresin is a New Jersey hip-hop legend. He has built a loyal, growing fanbase by creating emotionally charged lyrical content over perfectly produced new school beats. The independent hip-hop artists from New Jersey can put stories together like few hip-hop artists are able to do. His goal is to eventually sign with G.O.O.D. music, owned by Kanye West and operated by Pusha T.

A.B. has not had an easy road to get where he is. In 2010, while in college, he caught a felony distribution charge that landed him in Monroe County Correctional Facility. Having a felony on his record made it difficult for him to work for reputable companies, so he turned to his music as a full time career. 

A.B has found a way to bridge the gap between old school hip-hop and new school rap. Heavily influenced by artists like J. Cole, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar and Eminem, he has mastered the art of story telling while providing the listener with memorable wordplay and catchy hooks. 

In 2012, A.B. began to release videos on YouTube. His channel now has well over 150,000 organic views, while his distribution channel has eclipsed the 250k view mark.  His SoundCloud recently passed the 2.2 million view mark and continues to grow at a rate of about 100k plays per week. He has his own Pandora Station, and his music can be found on any major streaming service, including Spotify.

He released his first EP in 2014 titled “The Contradiction” and his hit single “Enough” began to spread over the internet rapidly, accounting for the majority of his views, downloads and sales. The single took him from a locally known artist to an established national brand. Still in 2017, "Enough" continues to grow at an alarming rate. 

A.B. is currently working on his 2nd studio album which will be released in fall of 2017. The album is being produced by world renowned producer Mozart The Great aka Kevin Bullock. 

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